Small Print

I have three collections of short stories available for download from my author page here

These are science fiction and fantasy stories, providing my take on a future where there are conflicts and tensions between humans and the technology they find themselves having to live with.

I also have a story called The Inference Engine, published in the Dark Venice Anthology by Darkstroke. If you want to know what the Dark Web and Leonardo Da Vinci have in common, this story can be downloaded from here

Inside the Fiction Factory – Part 21

Small Print I have finished working on my short story collections called Small Print. My plan was to reboot these by designing new covers and adding in some other stories I had lying around looking for a home. I’m pleased to announce I completed this project and I think the new look covers fit with…

Inside the Fiction Factory – Part 19

Dark Venice I’m excited to announce that on the 1st October a short story of mine was published in the Dark Venice Anthology from Darkstroke Publishing. It’s called The Inference Engine. Here’s the blurb: While in Venice celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary, Greg leaves Sally to spend an afternoon by herself in the Leonardo Da…