Small Print

Small Print Vol 3 These short stories continue to chart our relationship with technology and the impact it may have on us in future. The characters populate a world dominated by computers and live with the consequences of dealing with their own human frailties and relationships, while technology steers the course of their lives in... Continue Reading →

The Clockmaker Conspiracy

“I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.” (Voltaire)  A twenty-year search for his missing four-year-old daughter, culminates in Boone tricking his colleague John Hunter into entering a parallel universe via a quantum computer. With both worlds exposed and on a collision course, he must learn the value of... Continue Reading →

The Copernicus Coercion

When Kathryn K is held on suspicion of killing three partners by hacking their medical implants, fellow body hacker Brock is unconvinced of her guilt. But when they team up and become targets themselves, can he trust her to keep him alive? A card advertising The Copernicus Coercion. The flip side has a quote from... Continue Reading →

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