William Gibson next to Dan Brown?

I’ve presented around eighty lectures on cyber security this year, while attending a variety of security conferences, roundtables and fireside chats. I like to use my bookcases as my background when doing remote sessions and these have proved popular with delegates. I always take audience questions and do my best to give a sensible answer.... Continue Reading →

Spelling Garry

With my novel, The Copernicus Coercion Book 1 Kathryn K, being prepared for publication, the decision over whether to use GJ Scobie or Garry J Scobie is still up for debate. Working on-line all day, I often see my name spelt incorrectly with one ’r’, instead of two. Looking at Scotland on Google Maps, I... Continue Reading →

Spelling US Style

This made me smile. The marketing team in the US decided to helpfully correct my spelling for this podcast and put this out the door before I saw the final proof. As a result, I’ve gone all American with neighbors. Oh well. My name however was spelt correctly so I will take that as a... Continue Reading →

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