The Clockmaker Conspiracy

I’ve chosen to create a separate page for this as it’s a bit of a sprawling mess of a project. I’m starting to draft book five in the series in the knowledge that I’ve never placed book one. There’s optimism for you. This is the blurb:

“I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.” (Voltaire) 

A twenty-year search for his missing four-year-old daughter, culminates in Boone tricking his colleague John Hunter into entering a parallel universe via a quantum computer. With both worlds exposed and on a collision course, he must learn the value of nothing and the meaning of everything before the mysterious Clockmaker calls time on them all.

It will stretch to half a million words when I make it to the end. The end of course may not be the conclusion of the story, as I have an idea for another series of books with the same characters and setting. I have so many notes, it becomes overwhelming at times. I have worried about the time spent on it, and if it is really worth it, but I recently read a novel the writer spent ten years on and another book that was started almost double that before it was finally picked up and published. It’s a long game.

As I get closer to the end, I find I have to tweak book one in order to make it fit. I don’t like going back and rewriting perfectly good chapters, but it is part of the process. There really is no choice. Books two and three have survived intact, which I’m pleased about. Book four was interesting. I like to describe it as the gothic novel. Very dark and brutal, drawing on my research into Scotland’s murky past, folklore, witches, plague, body snatchers, I threw everything I had at it, all of which informed the scenes my main character had to endure. Which has left me at the blank page which is book five. My main character is not in a good place, right on the edge, and that is the way it is till the end.

What will happen with this once I’ve finished remains to be seen. In an ideal world, book one will be viewed as standalone and I hope will work if it is picked up. As the Clockmaker said to John Hunter, “No matter. If these are your last words, so be it. I will see they are delivered.”

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