Small Print

Small Print Vol 3 These short stories continue to chart our relationship with technology and the impact it may have on us in future. The characters populate a world dominated by computers and live with the consequences of dealing with their own human frailties and relationships, while technology steers the course of their lives in... Continue Reading →

The Clockmaker Conspiracy

“I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.” (Voltaire)  Computer geek John Hunter is living the dream. He has his own flat, the ideal job and he’s finally falling in love. But something’s not right, and not even his hacker instinct can decipher what he’s missing… until he enters... Continue Reading →

The Copernicus Coercion

A card advertising The Copernicus Coercion. The flip side has a quote from a leading character, Kathryn K.  "Never say die when it's time to burn." The trailer for book one of The Copernicus Coercion. I wrote and recorded the soundtrack. The images are Creative Commons.  

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