Inside the Fiction Factory – Part 19

Dark Venice

I’m excited to announce that on the 1st October a short story of mine was published in the Dark Venice Anthology from Darkstroke Publishing. It’s called The Inference Engine. Here’s the blurb:

While in Venice celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary, Greg leaves Sally to spend an afternoon by herself in the Leonardo Da Vinci museum, where a mysterious invention reveals secrets about her marriage she had never dared to contemplate.

All proceeds go to two charities, Venice in Peril and Aiesec Venezia. The buy link is here

It’s great to be included along with so many talented writers. Although I’ve written short stories in the past, I’ve been focused on novel writing these last few years. To be given the opportunity to write to a brief, was challenging, but one I enjoyed. Now I’m back into it, I’m intending to reboot my own short story collections in November, which include a couple of new ones that have remained unpublished until now.

This year I’ve written a novel, a novella and a short story, and I’m glad I’m managing to gain experience from these different formats and produce work I’m happy with. It’s been a busy year so far and I’m now on draft two of a sequel to The Kill Chain, and drafting a new short story which I will be submitting for a new anthology by the end of October.

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