Inside the Fiction Factory – Part 21

Small Print

I have finished working on my short story collections called Small Print. My plan was to reboot these by designing new covers and adding in some other stories I had lying around looking for a home. I’m pleased to announce I completed this project and I think the new look covers fit with what I had in mind. This, for all its imperfections, is my take on science fiction. Some existing stories were moved between volumes and they have been edited and proofread. One of the longer stories called EVA was removed as I wrote this out as a Novella at the start of 2022, so I was needing to replace that one with something else. Right now I’m thinking of publishing EVA at the start of 2023. The cover artwork, as always, is proving a challenge. I may query it. I don’t know. It’s the sort of decision that seems to use up a great deal of thinking time. The short stories were a no brainer to put out the door, so I’m glad I stuck with my plan and completed them for the relaunch. The strapline, ‘Short Stories for a future generation’ is new. I think it works.

I’m excited to say that my interest in the short story format has been rekindled after being published in the Dark Venice Anthology. I have not written many in the last couple of years as my focus has been on novel writing. It’s been good to get back into it and I have submitted a new short story which I’m hoping will appear in print in a new anthology soon. Across these three volumes is about all I have for now. There is the odd unfinished piece which I may return to in future. For now, it’s a good feeling knowing that Small Print is out there and available, and not crying out from my hard drive for me to actually do something with them.

It’s been an odd feeling reading these stories again, as I haven’t looked at them for awhile. Writers always notice things about their own work once it is published, that they wish they hadn’t, but I stuck with it and I’m pleased with the result. This reboot has been hanging over me and I’m glad the work for now is complete and I can move on with two new writing projects. I may add to these in future and simply expand each volume again. I like three as a number, so for now I don’t expect to publish a fourth, but just add to these three as time goes on.

These stories provide a glimpse into several possible futures, where humans interact with technology as best they can. It’s a dystopian view and not for the faint of heart. I hope they provide a good introduction to my world and you have as much enjoyment reading as I did in writing them.

You can access the three volumes of Small Print from my author page here.

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