Inside the Fiction Factory – Part 41

Novellas Part 2

A rough night, my mind constantly churning, thinking through what to write next. This is not unusual. My sleep pattern is shot through and the idea of a good nights sleep is something that appears to be for other people. Good news is I came up with an idea for another Novella. I’ve previously blogged how much the format intrigues me and the possibilities it holds. A couple of reviews of my Novella called EVA, got me thinking. One reader wasn’t happy with the ending and expected something more. I recall my editor did question my choice of ending, I think also expecting something more. Another reviewer remarked that it is a pity it is a Novella, I assume wanting to read more than what I had produced.

I love the ending. At the time it was as much as I had and made sense to me. I get it will divide my readers and that’s okay. However, through the night I began to think what if I carried the story on and produced another ending? What if I pick up from where it finished and continue with the story? Where would it go and where would it end up?

Needless to say this though tore through my brain and put aside any chance of sleep I may have had. I don’t intend to change EVA. That Novella stands as it is. I am however, going to write a second Novella, picking up from where EVA finishes. The first Novella will still be available as a stand-alone piece of writing, but the second book will provide I hope that something more that some readers were expecting.

I’m excited for this. I have ideas mapped out in my head, ideas I believe will work. There is a worry that I may still end up with an ending that still splits opinion, but that is no reason not to write it out and see where it goes.

In other news, I have an edited version of a novel called The Canongate Containment returned to me, which I need to work through and commit the changes. That’s next weeks job. I also have to work on a cover. This is a crime detective novel set in a dystopian Edinburgh. More news on this soon. The second book in the Kill series, is now waiting a decision on whether to move forward with it or leave for now. I am starting to draft up ideas for a third novel in the series and have no shortage of plots so I’m feeling confident we will not have heard the last of this character.

It’s been a strange week. I’ve been away from the work, but my mind never stops ticking. There have been moments when I have questioned why I do this, but these have been fleeting. I’m keeping on, keeping on as no one else can do this for me.

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