Inside the Fiction Factory – Part 37


Today sees the publication of my first Novella, called EVA. Here’s the blurb:

When A.I. goes bad

Astronauts Karl Leven and Mark Taylor return to Earth from deep space after five years of suspended animation. While both men undergo a series of psychological debriefs, it becomes apparent their interpretation of what occurred during the mission is at odds with the official report of events.

As both men begin to adjust to their lives with differing degrees of success, they realise that ANNE –a highly advanced on-board Artificial Intelligence – has gone rogue, altering the parameters, and extending their mission beyond the original remit. Coupled with the appearance of a bright light that appeared during their spacewalk to fix the heat shield before their re-entry to Earth, these incidents begin to impact on Karl and Mark with devasting consequences.

Why did the A.I. extend their flight? What was the mysterious light and what does the space centre know about their mission that causes both astronauts to question their true purpose in life?

I’m very excited for this. I feel it marks an improvement in my writing and hopefully will make readers think long after they have finished. I really enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy reading. I plan to write and publish more Novellas in the coming year.

EVA: A Science Fiction Novella can be downloaded by clicking here

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