Inside the Fiction Factory – Part 34

General Update

Thanks to all who downloaded or shared my postings over the weekend. In the Techno Thriller chart, my cybercrime novel The Kill Chain made Number 2 in the UK, US and Canada and number 1 in France. The book also made number 2 in the Suspense chart in France and number 6 in Canada. In the US the book was number 12 in Suspense and number 13 in the UK. I’m delighted with the showing, especially as there were some great books on promotion at the time.

The second book in my cybercrime series is called The Kill Switch and I’m two thirds of the way through draft four. It’s coming along fine. I’m enjoying the work, but I am starting to flag a bit. I always have this urge to move on and start new projects as I become close to finishing another. It’s all about making it to the end, and keeping up momentum. Another few days should do it though and despite changing the name of one of the main characters at this late stage, overall it’s coming together.

Once The Kill Switch is finished, I have my first novella to put out the door. This is called EVA and is science fiction. I’m very excited for it and feel it is some of my best writing to date. That’s not something I say lightly. Of course I feel I could do better in respect of language, but the themes I explore and the connections within the story that bind it together I think has been a step change for me in my development as a writer. We will see what readers think.

I’ve been reading the William McIlvanney novel The Dark Remains that was finished up by Ian Rankin. Set in Glasgow in the early 1970’s it’s a great read and has cracking dialogue. There is an interview at the back of the book where they talk about the fact it can be viewed as a bit of history. The world they describe is different then it is today, and it’s fascinating seeing how it was compared to today.

I then moved on to A Song for the Dark Times by Ian Rankin and coincidentally I passed the man himself as I was cutting along George IV Bridge during my lunch hour this week.

I’m on Instagram and have slowly got myself into a routine of posting every other day. For now it’s typically pictures of Edinburgh, books from my collection and the odd promotion of my own books. Sometimes there are other pictures from around Scotland as well. I won’t spam you every day and hopefully you can give me a follow. I find social media difficult and like many writers a bit of a recluse when not talking to people about cyber security. I’m happy walking around the city taking photographs or sitting surrounded by my books and music while writing. So my socials reflect that. I appreciate it’s not that adventurous, but it’s me.

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