Inside the Fiction Factory – Part 17

NaNoWriMo Mid Term Report

As I noted in part 16, I’m doing National Novel Writing Month in September. It’s now fifteen days in, halfway there, and 30,000 words written. It’s going well and I’m bang on target. It’s not been without its moments of drama and periods of self-doubt, but I’ve kept on top of it, and so far so good.

I will happier this time next week, when I will be seventy-five per cent of the way through. Right now I’m facing long periods of writing similar to the two weeks that have just gone by, with the added complication I’m more tired and not feeling as enthusiastic as I was. That’s only natural and to be expected. I just have to keep turning up every morning and keep writing until I make the count.

Plot wise I’m pleased. I had a plan, with some holes in it, which were not apparent until I started writing, but again that’s not unexpected. Sometimes characters write their own destinies and I’m okay with that. For me, it’s a real buzz when a character does something I was not expecting until the moment the idea forms in my head while writing. To experience those moments is one of the reasons I write; it’s why I put myself through this.

To recap, this draft is called The Kill Switch and is a sequel to The Kill Chain which was published by Darkstroke in July. I’ve already drafted a novel in the last year (Book 2 of The Copernicus Coercion) plus a novella called Eva, so it’s been a productive one. The Kill Switch will take priority for the rest of this year as it will require a rewrite and then an edit before it really takes shape.

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