The Copernicus Coercion Book 1: Code Critical

A Future Cyber Thriller

When A.I. is the new normal, what place is there for the soul?

In a dystopian future where the Earth’s air quality is fast deteriorating and implant technology has become second-nature, security hacker Brock is tasked with delivering an unknown human target to a secret organization. But to do so, he’ll first need to keep his body’s ever-expanding network of microchips under control.

Partnering with fellow specialist, Kathryn K, is his best option, though not an easy one. Human contact is not something he’s comfortable or even familiar with these days. But it’s a working relationship he must quickly come to terms with. Because when the identity of the target is revealed, the operation takes a sudden turn and Brock must make a decision that could put both their lives in danger.

As they delve deeper into an operation that leads them directly to the heart of the government and the shocking truth about their mission, Brock and Kathryn K realize for the first time in a long time just what it means to be human. And having populated themselves with chipsets, they had never once considered there would be no way back.

Featuring body hackers, the manipulation of computer networks via internet-connected implants and rogue Artificial Intelligence, Code Critical – a future cyber thriller and the first book in The Copernicus Coercion series – is a glimpse into a not-so-distant future; a world where cyber attacks, against machines and human beings, are carried out by those who wear the necessary computer hardware inside themselves.

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