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I’m pleased to announce that I made my deadline of the end of March and published a second volume of my short stories.
In keeping with Volume One, Small Print Volume Two explores our relationship with technology and the impact it may have on us in future. These stories have a dark edge. My characters suffer as a result of computers; they rely on machines and experience catastrophe because of their dependency. I see flawed individuals behind these machines, with man-made processes which are frail and subject to failure. It is the human element in their creation and operation that makes reliance on technology problematic and challenging.
I am not anti-technology; far from it. I rely on it on a daily basis and have no hankering to return to a time when it was less pervasive. How we use it in future and how we allow ourselves to be used is something I feel worth considering.
I was asked to write a sequel to Shelley which closed Volume One as readers were keen to discover what happens next. Although the sequel stands on its own, I have included the original story so they can be read together.
Dream Dredger dates from the writing session last summer that led to Volume One. The others were written while commuting by train and waiting in station cafes during the first quarter of 2015. I enjoy this downtime between work and home, as it provides me with the space to consider the “Small Print” that shapes our lives.


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