It’s a hobby of mine. I write novels, science fiction and near future cyber thrillers for want of a genre. Last three books have all had full manuscript requests from agents and publishers, but still have to make it over the line.

Here are the blurbs for the novels I have written to date.

The Kill Chain
Security expert Jason Byrne lands his dream job with a cyber defence firm just as a government contract is signed. Then film from a hotel bedroom seven years earlier, triggers a series of blackmail attempts, putting pressure on him to pass control to his adversaries.

The Canongate Containment
Edinburgh 2120. The New Town has retreated behind a drone protected wall and Old Town detective Will Logan ‘doesn’t do politics.’ But when the daughter of a murdered politician claims a conspiracy to rig an election, Will is forced to confront his own family’s involvement.

The Copernicus Coercion (Scheduled for publication February 2022)
When Kathryn K is held on suspicion of killing three partners by hacking their medical implants, fellow body hacker Brock is unconvinced of her guilt. But when they team up and become targets themselves, can he trust her to keep him alive?

Work in Progress

I’m currently halfway through a draft of a sequel for The Copernicus Coercion, with Book 1 due to be published in February 2022. Final changes are being made and the design of the cover is underway. As there will be several books in the series, I still have to come up with a sub-title for book 1 and 2.

I have a solid idea for a sequel to The Canongate Containment. I’m intending to return to this during 2022.

The Kill Chain is an interesting one. Books two and three have been planned, twenty years into the future from book one and then a further leap of fifty years. It allows me to speculate on technology with the inevitable ageing process and death. Having planned that I then came up with some immediate storylines to continue on from book one, so a lot to think about.

I’ve started work on a Novella alongside my other projects. Having looked into these, I think they will be a good vehicle for moping up the many ideas I have for stories, but may not work as novels. This came about after a discussion with a publisher I need to submit to so under a bit of a deadline for start of next year, but I’m getting there.

The sci-fi fantasy series The Clockmaker Conspiracy is now on book five and is discussed elsewhere on this blog.

I have four other novels drafted which I do not see making the light of day. A Distant Threat of Moonlight (which was the first novel I ever submitted and did receive a full manuscript request) is about a singer songwriter and his journey back to the woman who inspired him; Slide Rule which is a techno thriller involving blackmail, Pulling the Munter deals with a game played by a group of women against a man with tragic consequences, and Always which is an existential novel written in the first person and the less said about it the better.

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