Friday 3rd August 2018

It’s been a busy month. I have completed the suggested edits on my novel The Copernicus Coercion, and the draft is now ready for the proofread and final checks and then it will be good to go. This is my eight novel and the first to reach the point of being finished. I have learnt so much in the process of drafting and rewriting and then editing and learning to appreciate all that goes into making a finished book. It’s been worthwhile, especially those moments when an editor points out you still have work to do and you know they are right, and you have to pick yourself up and apply yourself to writing more than you imagined you could. You do this when a voice in your head is pointing out all the other things you could be doing instead of pushing yourself on. Reading back the results is such a buzz and at that point you forget the effort it took. I love writing and never happier than when I’m writing new stories. This has often been done at the expense of finishing up outstanding work. It was the discovery and realisation that I had this issue of not finishing that was worked at and resolved and now I can return to those other novels that are edited, but still require me to commit the changes and move to the finish line.


Friday 6th July 2018

This site contains information on my writing projects. I’m presently in the final edit stages of a new series called The Copernicus Coercion. Set in the future its main characters lead a hybrid life on the Internet via body implants, with their view of reality filtered by computer algorithms. It was originally a short story to finish off a Small Print volume, but grew into a novel and now I’ve finished, I can see I have a series. I’ve started the opening chapters of book two and I’m very excited for it.

The Clockmaker Conspiracy is slowly going out into the world via agencies and publishers. A fantasy adventure, the first three books have been edited and I’m halfway through book four. The intention is to write seven books before concluding the tale.

As noted above, there is another Small Print volume in draft. I’m torn between putting it out on Amazon or trying to place it via magazines, anthologies or competitions. Something to think about in between writing.

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