Other projects include a pile of poetry and lyrics that have accumulated over the years. Just over a hundred pieces have been gathered together across two files, with a few dozen more scattered around that could be worked up. I tend not to write such stuff these days, my focus being on the novels, but I would like to collect them together, finish them up and put them out the door. I may publish them here. I am dabbling with recording them against various soundscapes I’ve written and recorded (more on this blog under the heading Electric Dreams).

I have a few short stories. Again, it’s something I used to write, but once I started writing novels in earnest, these took a back seat. There are some up on Amazon if anyone wants to take a look.

Small Print

Small print is a collection of stories that delve into a bleak future, where humanity’s reliance on technology is absolute. An over dependency on artificial intelligence, leads in many cases to the catastrophic downfall for those innocent individuals caught up in a society that believes machines can do no wrong.

Small Print Vol 2

In keeping with Volume One, Small Print Volume Two explores our relationship with technology and the impact it may have on us in future. These stories have a dark edge. My characters suffer as a result of computers; they rely on machines and experience catastrophe because of their dependency. I see flawed individuals behind these machines, with man-made processes which are frail and subject to failure. It is the human element in their creation and operation that makes reliance on technology problematic and challenging.

Small Print Vol 3

These short stories continue to chart our relationship with technology and the impact it may have on us in future. The characters populate a world dominated by computers and live with the consequences of dealing with their own human frailties and relationships, while technology steers the course of their lives in unexpected directions. These stories deal with shifting realities and how we may perceive the same world differently.

Small Print Volumes 4 and 5 were finished up, with a few stragglers left over, but for reasons that escape me now, they never saw the light of day. This is another project for 2022.

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