The Clockmaker Conspiracy

“I cannot imagine how the clockwork of the universe can exist without a clockmaker.” (Voltaire) 

Computer geek John Hunter is living the dream. He has his own flat, the ideal job and he’s finally falling in love. But something’s not right, and not even his hacker instinct can decipher what he’s missing… until he enters the portal.

Infected with a virus and tricked into entering a quantum gateway, he stumbles into a Victorian universe run on steam. Only then he realises he’s been played by his boss, his government and his girlfriend.

Initially abandoned, John teams up with Morgan Giaimo, overseer of the merger between their two worlds, a woman clearly on a mission to secure the best outcome for her people, but naturally suspicious of John’s reason for being there.

John must work fast to decode the secrets and expose the truth behind the deceit. But there is danger from Henry Carlyle, a rogue hacker and ex-employee of Morgan, who is determined to take over the tenuous link that allows John to travel between both worlds.

Despite being tricked, John places his trust in Morgan as their relationship develops, but what is the computer code she plants and who is the Clockmaker she worries about? What is the government afraid of and how much did Rachael, John’s girlfriend know?

With a complex game playing out before him, John must consider his next move carefully… before the gateway implodes, and their worlds are lost forever.

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